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Do 335

Specifications Power
Fuselage Weight
Wing Construction


Dornier DO 335 A-0  
wing span 115,00 cm
wing area 26,74 qdm
lenght 115,42 cm
weight 1350 g (scale 878 g)
wing loading 50 g / qdm
power 2 x Speed 400 gear 1:2,3
top speed (scale) 65 km/h


First I planned to cut out the side elevation from 8 mm plywood, to fix the motors and the battery and cover it with foam parts. This was massive, but too heavy. Then I cutted the whole fuselage from Styrodur:

I had some problems to fix the rear motor and the shaft, so I decided to build a simple balsabox as fuselage and cover it with the foan parts. That`s it for the moment.


I wanted to use two Speed 400 with GŁnther props for the prototype, but I`ll use geared 400, because the efficiency is much better for that speed.


battery 7 / 1800 400 g
2 x Speed 400 200 g
receiver 24 g
servo 130 g
cables etc. 100 g
fuselage 350 g
wing 150 g
total weight 1354 g


18.2.2000 - 20.9.2000

During this periode I tried the different versions, described above.


In 1945 a high altitude observer version Do 335 B-4 was planed. Wingspan 18,40 m. This leads to a model wingspan of 153,33 cm (scale 1:12), using the original fuselage. The wing was also cutted from Styrodur.

  Do 335 A-6 and the wing of the Do 335 B-4 on the right.


Few month ago I finished a WESTWINGS free flight model kit.
It took me me some time to take somme pictures. The result now turns its rounds on the first page.

Westwings FF-model