Models of the Do 335

Gary Hethcoats Do 335 build from the scratch! Detailed step by step. Just great! He offers a lasercut kit:
Jasons great Do 335 built from a blown up Don Srull plan.
Here's a 5,8 mb movie:

A French CNC cut foam model with Speed 280
Peanut model of the Club Shonai / Japan
EAM offers this styro electric(?)modell an
Do 335 from
wingspan: 250 cm An Australian Do 335 Model

History, general information Luftarchiv
Well done overview of all Luftwaffe aircrafts with interesting pictures Vom Original zum Modell: Dornier Do 335; K.H. Regnat; Bernard & Graefe Verlag A great desciption of the history, pictures, the best in english History and pictures
Camouflage of the Do 335 Camouflage of the Do 335: A Critical Re-evaluation pictures, history in english